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Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Using the Canon G11
Canon released the G11 in the fall of 2009. I purchased mine in March 2010. Here are my Practical Usage comments as of June 2010.

-Solidity. The G11 is a tank. It is as sturdy as it looks. I don’t fear the occasional bump and I find the finish hard to scratch.
-Weight. Some might perceive the weight of the G11 as a nuisance, but I find that that my shaky hands work better when they have something substantial to hold.
-lens. The picture resolution is exemplary. I never run out of pixels, even if I have to crop later in Photoshop Elements. The entire image is usable, all the way to the edge. There is some barrel distortion at maximum wide angle, but it is easily corrected in software and disappears at any zoom setting. I recently spent a day photographing historical documents for archiving and I set the focal length at 100mm or more for the entire shoot.
-sensitivity. It might be argued that a F2.8lens is a bit slow, but the fact that the increase in F number is very gradual along the entire zoom range is a plus (this is actually a minus that the S90 should be jealous of). On top of that, the excellent
-Image stabilization is a joy. Again, I have very shaky hands, and the G11’s IOS is exemplary. I haven’t blurred a single shot yet!

-thumb placement. Yes, holding this camera with just my right hand is a challenge. I often end up pressing a button of the function wheel. Canon should add a little bump on the back of the body. I would be tempted to add one myself, but I fear that this would jeopardize my m.

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